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    Inner Child Crochet, crochet and knitting patterns
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      So, you've worked hard and made something fantastic - and now you want to show everyone. Once, that just meant wearing your new hat every time you went out, or being sure to dress your baby in her new sweater before church. These days, though, a huge amount of sharing and socializing goes on over the internet, so you need a good picture and you don't want to go to a studio to get it. If you've been having trouble getting photographs at home that do your hard work justice, read on! (I'm going to focus specifically on tips for getting portraits, but much of the advice will help in any picture you try to get.)

      First, pick a spot to take your photos where you can get the best light. Natural light is the best (unless you have the cash for a professional lighting setup), and that means the sun. I have a large sliding glass window in my living room that faces east. Because so much light comes in, I like to take pictures by it when I can't go outside for my photos. On clear days I have to wait until the sun has risen far enough that I'm not getting bright, direct sunlight on the area I want to shoot - on overcast days I shoot in the early morning when the diffused sunlight is strongest. Spend a day or two studing the lighting conditions around your home to see which places and what times of day will give you the best light. Once you know when and where to get the best lighting, you can use that knowledge every time to take pictures. (Again, you want bright light, but not strong enough to cast distinct shadows.)

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