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    Inner Child Crochet, crochet and knitting patterns
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      What are Noonas? Well - anything you like! With nine interesting shapes crocheted in bright colors, these stuffed toys are perfect for young children. Toys with no assigned function allow free range for the imagination, are ideal for creative play. My two boys love these - they've been cookies, cars, babies, steering wheels, guitars, hats, whales and flowers. Their uses are limited only by what you can dream!

      As always, there are no shipping charges, as the patterns are automatically emailed to you upon payment - please note that orders paid by eCheck will not be delivered until check has cleared. (Pattern requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free download at www.adobe.com) Please contact me if you have not received your pattern within 48 hours.

      Please remember that for sale here is a pattern set only, and not a finished product. This is my own original design, and is only authorized for personal use.

      Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

      Any plain worsted weight yarn; small amounts of various colors.approx. 290 yds for all nine pieces
      G/6 Hook (4.25 mm)
      Stuffing or Fiberfill
      Yarn Needle

      Gauge: 7 rows and 7 sts in sc = 2"

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